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I. m/v “Maersk Bintan” – after collision damage repair while ship remains in operation

All repair work have been completed within 30 working days, by five persons (two steel fitters, two welders and one working foreman), working 11 hours per day.
Steel replaced within 3 ballast tanks, 5t-out / 5t-in, permanent conforming to the ship’s draught.

Phase 1: Damage Survey and Reporting
Phase 2: Evaluation of the damage and take dimensions for steel replacement
Phase 3: Preliminary preparation of steel plates and details
Phase 4: Embarkation of the Repair Teem and Equipment
Phase 5: Execution of the repair and receive clear Report from the Class Society

The Results:
1. The ship remain in normal operation in all respect, incl. sailing condition and cargo handling.
2. Professional and safety elimination of the hull damages, cracks and deformations.
3. Extensive global voyage repair services enable owners of vessels and rigs to minimize time spent in dock, thereby optimizing earnings while ensuring aproper level of maintenance.

II. Coating-related maintenance: deck, cargo holds and ballast tanks coating upgrades and refurbishment

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