We are able to put the following categories of professionals at your disposal:
  • Certified steel fitters and welders
  • Certified pipe fitters and pipe welders
  • Certified engine fitters
  • Cleaners and general operatives
  • Project supervisors and foremen
  • Certified or skilled painters and sand blasters
  • Certified carpenters, isolators, scaffolders
  • Graduated electro engineers and electricians
  • Graduated naval architects, steel and mechanical engineers
Among the services available today:
  • Global voyage repair and onboard maintenance of vessels and rigs while they are operating.
  • Shipbuilding and New constructions fabrication for all kind of industry and maritime activities.
  • Steel/Pipes renewal, repair and maintenance.
  • Main and auxiliary engines repair, pumps and valves new installation and repair.
  • Overhaul of generators and electrical motors.
  • Coating-related maintenance and lifetime extension.
  • Project supervisors and foremen.
  • Crew Manning.
  • Trade, foreign trade and trade representation
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